As of June 14, 2018 the new membership packages are available. If you are existing member you can renew your membership early at a pro-rated rate that gives you credit for the time left on your current membership to take advantage of the new benefits.

In addition to current CIPA benefits, the new membership program offers exciting new benefits to members:

  • FREE access to all CIPA’s 4-hour monthly meetings ($280 value)
    • Expert speakers on current tips and tools in independent publishing
    • Inside topic roundtables for individual interaction
    • Full networking to connect and get more resources for your books
  • NEW! Free access to library of CIPA meeting recordings ($140+ value)
  • NEW! Complimentary Copyright Clearance for Creatives ($30 value)
  • Discount for each CIPA EVVY submission
  • 20% Discount on all CIPA Store Merchandise (except stickers & meetings)
  • Free print subscription to Foreword Reviews Magazine ($30 annual value)
  • Showcase your book in the CIPA Signature Blog
  • Admissions and other access to special CIPA collaborations
    • Includes Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association Fall Discovery Show* Exhibit. This exciting event puts your book in front of more than 250 booksellers! (*Additional fees may apply)
  • Many other opportunities, perks, affiliations and discounts. We are constantly striving to make publishing your books easier and better.

Service Provider Membership includes all General Membership benefits plus:

  • NEW! Featured exhibit table during one monthly meeting - fill out the Exhibitor Table Request Form Here ($150 value)
  • NEW! Featured listing on the CIPA website/Online Directory ($375 value)
  • Showcase your business at each monthly meeting (limit 1 minute/Associate Partner) ($275 value)
  • Display your marketing materials at live meetings
  • Publish educational articles in the CIPA Signature blog. This monthly newsletter links back to your site and is sent to all CIPA members. It is also shared on CIPA’s social channels to a community of over 2,200 subscribers
  • Many other opportunities to bring you more clients, sales and profits (priceless!)
  • Authors and General Members - With our new program, authors and general members receive all the benefits of CIPA membership for only $137/year, including FREE entry to all sessions. Under the previous membership plan, this would have been $235 for one year’s membership and sessions.
  • Service Providers - Service providers receive all the benefits of CIPA membership for only $197/year, including FREE entry to all sessions. Under the previous membership plan, this would have been $280 for one year’s membership and sessions.

If you want to take advantage of the new membership perks, you would want to upgrade your membership.

If you are in the middle of your annual membership, we will prorate your credit. For example, if you joined in February for $75, with 4 months into your year, we will apply the 8 remaining months towards your new membership: $75/12 x 8 = $50 credit to your new membership program. The discount is applied automatically.

Yes! When you sign up before September 1, 2018, you will receive one of our most popular webinars, “20 Self-Publishing BooBoos” for FREE. It’s our gift to you to celebrate the launch of our new membership.

Monthly meetings are FREE once you upgrade your membership! If you are a member, and haven’t upgraded to the new membership system yet, you will continue to pay the early bird pricing of $20, or $35 door pricing. Guests pay $40.

The information is available once you login to your member homepage and scroll down.

CIPA Signature welcomes posts from our current members, including authors, aspiring authors, and service providers. To submit a guest post, go to the submissions page.
  • CIPA General Member Submissions (typically an author, or aspiring author):
A special section of the newsletter, Applause Applause!, features news about YOU, your new book, your book signing details, that book award you just received, etc. You may also provide a link to either your book's website, or the link to where they can purchase it, i.e. book's direct link via Amazon.
  • CIPA Service Provider Member Submissions:
Industry related articles should be no more than 500 words. A photograph of the author and your bio is required. Articles must be educational in nature; no sales pitches.

General Members

Investment: $ 137 annually

Authors who are interested in forming or have formed a publishing company to publish their own books and/or Independent Publishers who publish other authors’ titles can join as a General Member.

  1. Monthly meetings - FREE entry to all of CIPA’s monthly 4-hour meetings (NEW!)Our 4-hour monthly meeting programs, September through May, include presentations and/or panels of publishing industry professionals sharing important guidance to jump start and provide direction for your writing, publishing, or book sales efforts. You'll meet and learn from fellow authors and publishers as well as industry service providers at Colorado’s preeminent nonprofit independent publishing organization. With your annual membership you’re welcome to attend ALL eight monthly meetings with no meeting fee!
  2. Advice from Experts—Each monthly meeting includes multiple pre-announced roundtable topics hosted by experts. Expert roundtable hosts help to answer your most pressing questions, and provide solutions to challenges.
  3. CIPA Online Webinars and Guided Discussions are offered free of charge throughout the year to supplement monthly meetings with specific information aimed to meet our members’ needs and interests.
  4. Member Discounts for the Annual CIPA EVVY Awards and CIPA Store Merchandise—Members receive a discount for each submission in our annual CIPA EVVY Book Awards competition and a 20% discount on all CIPA Store Merchandise excluding meeting registration and award stickers.
  5. Access to Service Provider Members at monthly meetings and through the CIPA Member Services Directory. Enjoy face-to-face conversations at meetings or schedule time to speak with experienced professionals in editing, illustration, copyright, book design, websites, ebooks, audiobooks, marketing, publicity, offset and digital printing, and more.
  6. Trade Show Opportunities—CIPA membership provides low-cost opportunities to have a presence at regional and national industry trade shows & conferences such as the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA) Fall Discovery Show, Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL), International New Age Trade Show (INATS) and others.
  7. Participate, Connect, Be Seen and Become Known through CIPA’s ongoing events and activities within the community. CIPA’s 501 c 3 Education and Literacy Foundation (CIPA ELF) offers opportunities to volunteer as a Visiting Author or assist with the Young Author’s League, Senior Storytelling, Book Benefit, and Classroom Literacy Support programs as well as the CIPA EVVY Awards.
  8. New & Renewing Members Receive a Complimentary Copy of Copyright Clearance for Creatives ($30 Value) -CIPA members receive a copy of Copyright Clearance for Creatives to help them navigate through necessary copyright protection and intellectual property law including permissions, licenses, fair use, and much more to help ensure our members professionally publish without costly mistakes!
  9. A Complimentary Subscription to Foreword Reviews magazine ($30 Value).
  10. Network with Your Peers—Meet and greet like-minded writers, authors, publishers and industry professionals and make valuable connections. Publishing is a business of what and WHO you know! CIPA is THE place in Colorado to meet the movers and shakers in the biz.
  11. FREE Marketing for your book by submitting your news to the CIPA Signature blog, which is distributed to members and non-members alike and has over 2,200 followers! Are you on Twitter? Tag @CIPABooks in your tweet so we can retweet and boost! Then announce your book signing via the CIPA Signature and CIPA’s Facebook page and group.

Investment: $ 137 annually

Service Provider Members

Investment: $ 197 annually

Service Provider Members include publishing industry professionals who offer their services to authors and publishers such as editors, designers, printers, marketing consultants, etc. All General Membership benefits PLUS:
  1. Opportunity to showcase your business LIVE at each monthly meeting - FREE Attendance (NEW!) - Coming to CIPA's monthly meetings puts you in direct contact with other service providers, members and guests. You'll meet prospective customers and learn more about book publishing from high-caliber speakers.
  2. Do a presentation at a monthly meeting—Speaking of high-caliber speakers - be one! Are you an authority in your field? If you are interested in giving an information-based presentation, contact the Program Chair with your idea. The goal is not to advertise your specific business, but to educate the members in your specialized field.
  3. Host a CIPA Webinar—Like our monthly presentations, your webinar should be educational for our members and also give you an opportunity to shine as the expert you are. Contact our Executive Administrator to get the details.
  4. Volunteer on committees and/or CIPA's Board—You know it's true: the more you put in, the more you'll get out of your membership. Email us here to see where you can volunteer your time and talents. Try it, you'll like it!
  5. Submit an article to the CIPA Signature blog—Write an information-filled article in your area of expertise and submit it to the newsletter editor here for inclusion in the CIPA newsletter and blog. Keep it informational, not salesy. Showing your expertise is actually a better way to get the phone to ring!
  6. Host a meeting roundtable—CIPA roundtables are designed to help anyone with any genre, with any question, simple or complex, for new writers and publishers as well as experienced authors and publishers. Are you an expert in your field? Contact our Program Chair for consideration to host a roundtable.
  7. Prominently display your marketing material - A designated Associate Service Provider table is set up at each meeting where you can display your flyers, one sheets, business cards, or other marketing materials. That's nine chances to get your company in front of our members. The more members that see your information, the more business you attract. Think ‘Law of Numbers’!
  8. Add a free download to the CIPA Store -This could be a free ebook, report, video, checklist, etc that offers useful information about your area of expertise. It should include your contact info so people can get in touch with you.
  9. Showcase your service - A designated Service Provider Directory is hosted on the CIPA website, not only for our members to see, but for anyone doing a web search. Our analytics show that 50 percent of our web visitors come from search engine results. Get listed, get seen, get business!.
  10. Featured exhibit table (NEW!) during one monthly meeting
  11. Featured listing on the CIPA website/Online Directory (NEW!)

Investment: $ 197 annually