Who We Are:

We are the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA), a nonprofit statewide cooperative of authors, independent book publishers and publishing professionals. CIPA was founded in 1992 as a lunch group by a small group of independent publishers. Evelyn Kaye, of Blue Panda Publications and a travel writer was CIPA's first president and the namesake of CIPA's EVVY book awards.

CIPA Bylaws

CIPA Code of Ethics

 CIPA's motto:

"Do it yourself without doing it alone! Accelerate your publishing dreams with CIPA."


CIPA's Mission

To encourage cooperative efforts and the free exchange of information, experience and expertise to help our members achieve and prosper while also assisting the writing and marketing of their books through cooperative ventures, education and networking.

Meet the CIPA Board of Directors:

The CIPA Board of Directors is all-volunteer and is comprised of authors, publishers, and publishing professionals. Members serve a 2-year terms. View our current CIPA Board here!


There are 2 tiers of membership -- authors (who might also be individual publishers) and associate service providers (editors, designers, printers, marketing and business consultants, website designers, etc) who provide professional services to publishers and authors.

To learn more about joining CIPA, go to our membership page.


CIPA's Past Presidents 

Evelyn Kaye: 1992-1995
Rosemary Augustine: 1995-1999
Joe Sabah: 1999-2001
Katherine Carol: 2001-2002
Kenn Amdahl: 2002-2003
Judith Briles: 2003-2005
Mike Daniels: 2005-2006
Lydia Griffin: 2006-2007
Doris Baker: 2007-2008
Mara Purl: 2008-2009
Sue Hamilton: 2009-2010
Nancy Mills: 2010-2011
Dr. C. Daniel Miller: 2011-2012
Brian Schwartz: 2012-2013
Patricia Ross: 2013-2015
Mary Walewski: 2015-2016
Ingrid Pyka: 2016-2017
Alexandra O'Connell: 2017-Current