April 2017 CIPA President’s Letter: Collaboration – creating win-win-win+ situations.

Collaboration – creating win-win-win+ situations.

The Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association is built with many hours of collaboration brought together by some of the best volunteers. Each year, we partner with the best of the best to help the indie community to publish and promote books… more books, and even more books.  From Mountains & Plains Independent Bookseller’s Association giving us access to feature our members’ books with top retailers, to the Church of Scientology graciously offering their beautiful sanctuary for our meeting use, to our own members referring each other selflessly… I see, I hear, I know that CIPA is an amazing community of opportunity and sharing.

Case in point, we have yet another collaboration developing with the wonderful mountain town, Georgetown. On June 3rd, 2017, CIPA will participate in the launch of a brand new cultural attraction just being introduced to the literary world right in our Denver back yard – The Road More Traveled: Independent Publishing Workshop for Aspiring Authors and Curious Readers. With Georgetown already being on the global map as a tourist magnet, this “novel” event will feature author’s workshops, high-level networking, and even celebrity author showcasing. We are still working out further details, but as a CIPA member you will have the chance to be a special part of this national scene for the literary arts. You will definitely want to stay tuned for this one!

Collaboration. You never know where it may find you, and where it may lead you. To paraphrase the old saying of “Color your world,” I say, “Collaborate your world!”

Ingrid Pyka

CIPA President

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