April 2018 CIPA President’s Letter


By: Alexandra O’Connell

CIPA is excited to welcome our panelists Neal Browne, Former 9News Reporter and Anchor, Susan Witkin, KOA NewsRadio News Anchor, and Maurice Washington, President and Host of Executive Talk, to discuss generating publicity in the media for independently published books this month. How can indie authors and small publishers use the media as part of a marketing plan? How can authors and publishers pique the interest of producers? Why should we consider for-fee appearances? Can media appearances enhance our clout with distributors and retailers?

Join us for great tips on how to best reach decision-makers, how to prepare for an appearance, and what to do and not do once you’re booked. I’m looking forward to it!

Membership Update!

Last month, we were thrilled to announce our updated and improved membership program, effective June 1st. Each new annual membership will now include the cost of all meeting fees. No more remembering to RSVP before the meeting to lock in your member discount! Plus the full cost of the membership saves you money over the course of the year, and provides NEW, special features.

Members continue to receive discounts to the CIPA EVVYs and on all CIPA Online Store merchandise, AND NOW free access to CIPA’s library of recordings, as well as a one-time complimentary Copyright Clearance for Creatives. For more details on the new membership program, please go here.

What do you need to do? For now, you don’t need to make any changes. If your membership renews after June 1st, when you renew you will automatically enroll in the new program. If your membership is current, you will have the option to upgrade to the new membership after June 1st, and your fee will be pro-rated based on how many months until your next renewal. If you don’t choose to upgrade immediately, you will continue under your current membership until your next renewal.

CIPA is always looking for ways to bring you more value and I am excited to share these new opportunities with you. Share your ideas about what additional benefits we can add in the future with us to admin@cipabooks.com or president@cipabooks.com.


It’s been fantastic to see the entries roll in for this year’s CIPA EVVYs. Remember, the deadline for Regular Pricing for the 24th Annual CIPA EVVY Book Awards is May 9th, which will be here more quickly than you think. After that, Late Pricing takes effect until May 19th when entries close. Be sure to get your entries in today !

If you are interested in being part of the CIPA EVVY team, email our Coordinator Jina Uvalle at EVVYcommunications@cipabooks.com. It’s never too late to help.

CIPA Board

April showers (and snowstorms) bring May…Board members? Next month we will officially be voting for our leadership for the coming year. Who would you like to represent you on the CIPA Board in 2018-2019? If you’ve been on the fence about submitting your name, now is the time to step up and throw your hat in the ring! Nominations from the floor will also be taken (but we like to distribute a little bio of you for the official vote, so we’d be grateful if you let us know ahead of time).

I’ve spoken with several of our current members who I think would be excellent candidates to join the team next year—you know who you are! I hope to see your names on next month’s ballot.

Thank you all for being a part of CIPA, and for making me so happy and proud to be part of this community.

To budding opportunities,

Alexandra O’Connell

About Alexandra O’Connell

Alexandra O’Connell is Your Resident Wordsmith, a book editor and writing coach. She helps self-published authors create books that are engaging and editorially beautiful. Find her at www.alexoconnell.com.

The views expressed herein are not those of Colorado Independent Publishers Association, its officers or directors.  They are solely and completely those of the author. The Colorado Independent Publishers Association will not be held liable for any legal action resulting from information published in this newsletter, and the organization’s insurance will not cover any such action.

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