August 2016 President’s Letter: Ingrid’s First Note to CIPA

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou

In our CIPA community, we tell the story through our author’s words and artist’s brush, our editor’s review and designer’s layout, our publisher’s release and retailer’s shelves. Our organization proves the power of many who plow through the agony to tell their story and produce the final product – a collaborative literary work that leaves a legend for others to follow. This is CIPA!

I am honored and excited to serve as your president this year.

As we welcome in the 2016-2017 season of the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association, we are celebrating! Why? First of all, we applaud and give a huge ‘thank you’ to Mary Walewski for her amazing work as president last year. She brought our association much success – and the realization of an amazing new website!

We celebrate the many more books we will see published among our peers and the resourceful experts we get to hear. We celebrate the prospect of CIPA’s new opportunities as our association grows to higher and bigger levels: book shows, sponsorships, webinars,  masterminds, publicity and speaking opportunities and much more!

On Aug. 20th, we’re about to celebrate another great CIPA EVVY run. (A SOLD-OUT EVENT!)

And most of all, we celebrate the many new friendships we gain and the bonding relationships we have by being a part of all this.

This community is you. Thank you to those that have and still do play such a vital role in our organization. I encourage newcomers to share your strengths by helping our continued success in programs, membership drives, administrative functions, marketing, CIPA EVVY awards and much more. I invite you to come to me with your amazing visions, specific needs, resourceful connections and any other suggestions.

CIPA is the leading independent publishing resource in Colorado. So, yeah! Let’s celebrate and please join me in a round of applause as we launch the new CIPA Season! See you September 17th!

IngridIngrid Pyka
CIPA President



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