August 2018 CIPA President’s Letter


By: Bob Schram

A Philosophy to Live By

“Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.  
Whatever he does to the web he does to himself.”

CHIEF SEATTLE, Suquamish Tribe chief 

The CIPA Annual Potluck Picnic last weekend was an opportunity for members old and new to come together in community. We all began to form relationships that will only strengthen in the year ahead. Beginning to weave that web if you will!

Having served on the CIPA Board over the last two years, our collaboration has seen our organization grow in stature and credibility in the publishing community. One of my goals in the year ahead will be to build upon that forward momentum while incorporating enhancements suggested by our new board and membership. I value your feedback and will remain available to any input or ideas that you feel would be in the best interest of helping CIPA achieve that end.

Many of you already know me as Bookends Design. For those of you who don’t, having been a book design professional for over 30 years, being a member of CIPA has served as an invaluable resource in keeping current with publishing trends, finding collegial support, and expanding my capacities. I endeavor to come to each monthly meeting with fresh eyes.

As with any community, volunteerism is key to making things happen. I have always viewed volunteerism as community building and not a chore. Working together as a team toward a common goal benefits all of us. Let us know how you may be able to help, what you are passionate about, what you think you have to offer.

EVVY Awards Banquet

The crown jewel of CIPA’s publishing year is upon us. Congratulations if your book made it to the finals! Please understand that the competition was keen! We had many incredible entries with some of the award winners separated by less than a point. You should be proud of your accomplishment in writing and producing a book that was part of this years awards competition. Looking forward to celebrating our shared achievement and paying homage to the 2018 award recipients together.


The Mountain and Plains Independent Booksellers Association Fall Discovery Show. Although not until October 11-13, 2018, if you are at all interested in showcasing your title to the book community at the CIPA table or at one of the author tables, please register to do so as soon as possible. We’ll open up registration very soon!

Thank you, Alexandra, for all of your good work on behalf of CIPA and laying the groundwork of my presidency. Thank you to the former board members I have served alongside of for the last two years. Your hard work and dedication has elevated CIPA to new heights. And looking forward to working with our new and enthusiastic board and what we can achieve together.  

Hope to see you at the EVVY’s!

Bob Schram
CIPA president 2018-2019

About Bob Schram

Bob has served as a Publishing Resource since 1984. He has worked as the production manager of Pruett Publishing, art director of InJoy Birth & Parenting Education, and board member & vice president of the Rocky Mountain Publishing Professionals Guild. Currently the founder and owner of Bookends Design, Bob works extensively with publishers, small businesses, schools, authors, and individuals requiring book design & production, art direction, project management, print coordination, or publishing consulting. He especially enjoys helping new authors navigate the self-publishing process.

The views expressed herein are not those of Colorado Independent Publishers Association, its officers or directors.  They are solely and completely those of the author. The Colorado Independent Publishers Association will not be held liable for any legal action resulting from information published in this newsletter, and the organization’s insurance will not cover any such action.

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