IBPA Publishing University – April 5-6, Chicago, IL

IBPA Publishing University – April 5-6, Chicago, IL As the largest independent book publishing association in the United States, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) knows there are literally 100s of book conferences you could attend this year, mostly filled with fluff that’s irrelevant to small presses and author-publishers. That’s why we’re here! For nearly three decades, IBPA Publishing

January 2019 Signature Edition

January 2019 Signature Contents This Saturday, January 19, 2019: Speaking Without Freaking. For our first membership meeting of 2019, we are fortunate to welcome Liz Duckworth in her presentation entitled Speaking Without Freaking. This interactive, participatory workshop focuses on both internal (mental and emotional) and external (physical) aspects of successful public speaking. Learn how to improve your talks