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Ignited Ink Writing, LLC
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At the end of the day, authors want to be read and appreciated. We want our writing to leave a reader pondering, haunted, inspired, or satisfied, so they recommend our books and stories to everyone they know and write raving reviews. That’s what it means to Ignite Your Ink.

However, you can’t get there on your own. At some point, all of us struggle to see what is actually on the page and what is only in our head. That’s where a book editor comes in. Once you have your manuscript written, an editor will help you get the characters, plots, settings, words, and more from your head to the page.

I do this by reading through your manuscript multiple times to mark what needs improvement and what you’re doing well. Then I write a detailed letter with big picture thoughts and suggestions and give you time to review everything. Once you’ve had time to digest my edits, we have a conversation in person or over the phone to figure out your next steps, answer any questions or concerns you have, and get you ready for a proofreader.


Valerie Webster, author of Driven, says, “From the purely technical perspective, she [Caitlin Berve] has an exceptional grasp of good mechanics and conveys clearly how best to fix structural issues. She is also a partner, contributing creatively to each writer’s unique style and goals. And – she knows the publishing industry.”


Caitlin Berve is an editor, fantasy author, and speaker. Through Ignited Ink Writing, she edits novels, creates video tutorials, and writes. Using her MFA, she teaches creative writing at conferences, colleges, and Colorado writers’ organizations. Her collection of modern fairy tales When Magic Calls is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. Caitlin seeks to fill the world with the kind of writing that lingers with readers and find magic in modern times.

Services: developmental editing, structural editing, line editing, copy editing, website/blog content editing, copy writing, video tutorial creation, and speaking, specializes in fiction (both adult and young adult)
Phone: (505) 402-4599
Address: 1110 Opal Street 202
ZIP Code: 80020
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