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The Replin Law Group, LLC
Contact: Steve Replin
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We are not your average law firm for hobbyists for occasional writers or publishers. If you are serious about building a career and business out of your writing and/or publishing activities, we are most certainly your first and most important resource. The writing activity is the easiest thing you’ll do and its all that occurs thereafter that will either propel you to visibility and success or legal problems and failure. Do not risk your passion and business aspirations before you even have had the opportunity to succeed. I want your success! simple as that………..Our firm represents the gamut of entertainment related projects from literature to film making, from fashion to photography, from publishing to music. Strong planning and complete contracts as well as intellectual property identification and protection are what you get at the Replin Law Group. Stir in a bit of business experience and acumen and its really your first and best one stop before you make expensive and irrevocable mistakes. thanks…….Steve Replin JD, MBA, CPA, LLM

Services: law for authors
intellectual property (copyright and trademark) protection
business plan assistance and development
business coaching for authors and publishers
funding assistance for writers and publishers
rights and permissions review prior to publication for potential legal liability
clearance of material of others prior to use
problem resolution and negotiation
contracts, contracts, contracts
Phone: 303-916-3479