When Your Book is “Mostly Dead” – Give it a Voice!

When Your Book is “Mostly Dead” – Give it a Voice! By Richard Rieman, AudioBookRevolution As Billy Crystal’s character said in Princess Bride, “mostly dead is slightly alive.”  You can breathe new life into your older books by producing an audiobook version. Audiobook sales are up over 20% three years in a row, and Audible listening up is

FROM INDIE AUTHOR TO AUTHORPRENEUR is professionalizing the craft of writing right for you?

By Bree Weber, The Book Octopus For the past few weeks, our inboxes, timelines, and twitter feeds have been filled with year-end reviews and predictions for the new year. As I read through these articles, I noticed a pattern pointing to an old idea dressed up in new buzzwords. Authorpreneur, Professionalization, Career Author – whatever