FROM INDIE AUTHOR TO AUTHORPRENEUR is professionalizing the craft of writing right for you?

By Bree Weber, The Book Octopus For the past few weeks, our inboxes, timelines, and twitter feeds have been filled with year-end reviews and predictions for the new year. As I read through these articles, I noticed a pattern pointing to an old idea dressed up in new buzzwords. Authorpreneur, Professionalization, Career Author – whatever

Attention CIPA Associate Members – Mile High Writers Guide Resource Directory

The long awaited Mile High Writers Guide (Resource Directory) is well underway. They are looking for a few more listings to add of service providers for writers. This can include editors, coaches, illustrators, printers, photographers, designers, education, bookstores, audio help, and other assistance! Send the following info: Name Type of Service Address (optional) Website Email Phone (optional)

Your “Big Why?” – The First Step to Finding Readers for Your Book

Why are readers important? Seems like a rhetorical question doesn’t it? They are important because they are not only the people who are going to buy your book, share your story and start conversations with other readers but also because ultimately, you are doing “this” for your readers. What is “this”? “This” is everything to you need