Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Read the CIPA EVVY Details.

Step 2: Read the Rules and Submission Guidelines.

Step 3: Purchase Your CIPA EVVY Entry & Categories & Print your receipt to send with your books.

Step 4: Complete the Book Submission Entry Form

Step 5: Upload your book cover art & multi-media books

Step 6: Mail your books! Details on where and how many to send here.

Do you still have questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. However, CIPA Members are eligible for lower entry fees. You may submit an entry if you are the author, publisher or credited service provider of the entry.
Yes. The membership status of the person or entity submitting the entry determines the entry fee classification.
A credited service provider is a person or business that provided a service in publishing the book such as illustrations, editing, layout and/or cover design, printing, consulting, etc. and is given credit in the entered book.
No. There are no page limitations. The only limitations are that the book must be in English, it must have an ISBN and it must be a published book. (No manuscripts.)
Yes, if the book has been substantially changed (new cover or at least one third new and/or revised content).
No. Entry fees are based on entry title not format. However, all books must be entered in a regular category to be eligible for entry in a technical category.
IF your book is ONLY produced in eBook or audio book format then you may submit that format only. If your book is in both print and eBook format, and you are entering the eBook or audio book format, then you may submit in that format only. Also, you may enter your eBook or audio book for both category and technical awards.
Print Books:

Print a copy of the registration payment email for each book you send. Place the printed email copy in the front of each book you send.

Number Of Print Books To Send:
Two (2) books for each Regular category plus One (1) master copy

One book for each Technical category.

Example: For 2 Regular Categories plus 1 Technical Category - Send six (6) books (4 Regular Category books + 1 Technical Category book + 1 master copy)
Send Books To:

c/o VCA
5640 County Line Pl #1
Littleton, CO 80126

DO NOT send books with a receiving “signature required.”

Note: You must upload your book cover to us after you enter your book. If we do not receive your book cover prior to the close of the 2018 CIPA EVVY Awards, and you win an award, your book cover will NOT be printed on the award.