CIPA EVVY Awards Registration Begins February 15, 2020

CIPA EVVY Registration Begins Feb. 15, 2020

Entries to the 2020 CIPA EVVY Awards may be submitted beginning February 15. The cutoff for early bird entries and reduced fees is March 21. The regular entry period runs through 5 p.m. April 30. To submit an entry please go to Remember, you must be prepared to upload a JPG image of the book cover as part of the submission process. After online registration, book copies must be mailed with proof of completed submission attached inside each book copy to Sue Ager at 12660 Stone Valley Drive, Peyton, CO 80831. Sue will attend the February, March and April meetings to collect submissions if the entrant does not wish to mail them. Books brought to Saturday CIPA meetings still need to have submission information inside each book. Questions about the 2020 awards may be emailed to

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