CIPA: An Invaluable Resource

“Having been a book design professional for over 30 years, being a member of CIPA has served as an invaluable resource in keeping current with publishing trends, finding collegial support, and expanding my capacities.”

Robert L. Schram

Always Something Useful

CIPA meetings & banquets are always enjoyable and educational. I don’t get to attend every meeting, but at each one I go to, I come away with information that I can put into practice. I always recommend CIPA to other authors I meet.

Cheryl Carpinello
Sons of the Sphinx; Tutankhamen Speaks; Young Knights of the Round Table: The King's Ransom; Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend
2014 EVVY Merit Award, 2013 EVVY Merit Award

Appreciate all the support

The Blood- The stones blade book one allynn riggs

I truly appreciate all the support, advise and networking I have received through my membership in CIPA. CIPA has added power to my drive to publish these stories.

Allynn Riggs
The Blood: The Stone's Blade - Book One
Author Member

CIPA all that it is and then some!

the myth of santas beard sharon thayer

I hate getting up early on Saturday morning. I hate driving to town from my mountain paradise.

But on the third Saturday of every month I am up before my alarm rings, in high spirits and in high gear headed toward my CIPA meeting.

I don’t read the newsletter to see what is on the agenda because I know it will be a quality program and I will come away with information I didn’t know I needed to know.

I will meet fellow authors and share successes and failures. I will meet high level specialists in various area of the publishing business and form key business alliances.

After a few short hours as I drive back up the hill I will have new goals and renewed motivation.

Thank you all the hard working board members that make CIPA all that it is and then some!

Sharon Thayer
The Myth of Santa's Beard
EVVY Winner 2013
Author Member

CIPA helps and guides in many more ways than you think!

When I first looked into publishing my book I found a publishing company that had a lot of different departments that could end up guiding me through the publishing process as I am new and don’t really know what I am doing. Then I found CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association). I found guidance, training, more options, local vendors, and all less expensively. It is because of them that I saved a couple of thousand dollars on obtaining, creating, and maintaining my website that belongs to me ( not my publisher) that can grow as I grow. I also had my first television interview as well as attending an Authors Fair because of them. I am slowly learning the ropes involved in publishing and they are a big factor in that education process with monthly meetings, webinars, etc. Mary Yoakum

Mary Yoakum

Energizing and Informative!

I joined CIPA in 2015 because I wanted to learn as much about the art and trade of writing and publishing as I could. The monthly meetings are packed full of immediately useful information, and I leave feeling energized. The members and organizers believe in their mission to help others in our trade. I would encourage every writer I know to join, regardless of their publishing status. CIPA provides opportunities for us all!

Laurel McHargue

CIPA EVVY Awards Testimonial

I was extremely excited to be invited to take part in this competition, with this as my first publication it was unexpected. Now that I have been made an award winner my excitement is swallowed up in humility. I want to thank Outskirts Press, the CIPA staff and judges for seeing something in my work I didn’t. I receive this prestigious award as a tremendous triumph in the start of my writing career and I will forever be grateful for this gift.

Ron Preston

“CIPA is to Indie-Published Authors what Sunshine is to Flowers”

CIPA is to Indie-Published Authors what Sunshine is to Flowers – the Nourishing Broadcaster of blooming achievements. I am so glad you are here… sponsoring the annual CIPA EVVY Contests, hosting the Award Banquets filled with anticipation and excitement, and nourishing the craft of writing in your educational meetings. Thank you, CIPA.


Meeting Fee Stopping You From Joining CIPA?

CIPA provides a wealth of knowledge that goes above and beyond the membership fee!

Barbara Stafford

Step-by-Step Professional Help

Step-by-step professional help – learning curve amazing from A-to-Z, through editing to marketing!

Jerry Fabyanic

Thanks to CIPA I built a Great Marketing Team!

I created the idea of my book, wrote the stories and found the ideal editor – however CIPA helped me build a team to take the book to market with a great book!

Thomas C. Wamsley

Get the support and services you need!

CIPA offers essential support and services for authors or aspiring authors in the intimidating and ever-changing world of publishing.

Joe and Jan McDaniel

CIPA Monthly Meetings Are Informative…

CIPA monthly meetings are informative – who knew editing comprises more than sentence structure? Or one of the fastest growth areas of publishing is audiobooks?

Pamela M. Feely, CPA, MBA

CIPA Monthly Meetings Are Informative…

CIPA monthly meetings are informative – who knew editing comprises more than sentence structure? Or one of the fastest growth areas of publishing is audiobooks?

Pamela M. Feely, CPA, MBA

CIPA has changed my life!

CIPA has changed my life! I had a memoir in progress, unfinished, and after joining CIPA I met people who helped me to self-publish my book and learn how to market it.

Dr. Janis Ruoff

Thank you CIPA!

Chuck Renstrom, author of Do You See What I See?: High Altitude Evidence of the Worldwide Flood, is happy to share that as a result of the information he has received (and acted upon) from CIPA and its affiliates, his book sales have totaled nearly $2,000 dollars worth in the three weeks since it’s been out. The Tattered Cover is carrying his book and he has been receiving invitations to speak to groups and present the information in his book. Having CIPA & affiliates in his “network” has saved him many hours of research on his own, “I will be forever grateful. You have been an important part of a successful book launch and I want to say Thanks!” – Chuck Renstrom,

Chuck Renstrom