December 2018 Member News

Jim Ringel’s 49 Buddhas just picked up two honors in the 2018 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest. Winner in Fiction: Visionary Finalist in Fiction: Cross Genre. The audio book of 49 Buddhas to be released in January, 2019.

Be the Go-to Guru: Get the Spotlight You and Your Book Deserve NOW, Imagine a world where you’re top dog, the go-to guru, foremost expert in your field. National news organizations call you to be today’s featured expert. But how? What you don’t know is how to get the visibility for your book, the media attention, the spotlight you deserve. Are you the best kept secret? Write it and they will come is a LIE! Are you afraid of being seen because you don’t want to say or do something wrong? Are you stuck and don’t know who to trust? BOTTOM LINE: If you want to play with the big dogs, you need to stop wasting time and energy and commit to REAL results. Don’t worry if you don’t even know where to start. Gary Barnes and Annalisa Parent are here to walk you through the process at the upcoming Celebrity Summit, February 9th, 2019. For more information and to register, go here.

D. X. Varos, Ltd. Signs Felicia Watson We are pleased to announce the signing of Felicia Watson and her new science fiction novel, We Have met the Enemy, scheduled for release in April 2019. Felicia Watson started writing stories in first grade. She’s especially drawn to character driven tales, where we see people we recognize, people who struggle with their mistakes and shortcomings, acknowledge them, and use that knowledge to grow into wiser human beings. Her debut novel, “Where the Allegheny Meets the Monongahelia,” an LGBT romance that breaks the “romance mold,” was very well received. “We Have Met the Enemy” brings that same outside-of-the-box style to the science fiction genre. When not writing, Felicia spends her time chasing after her beloved dogs, being chased beloved husband, is an amateur pastry chef, and still finds time for swimming and her day job as a scientist.

Book Launch: My Mother, The Gorilla, there are a lot of serious books out there. This is not one of them! In My Mother, the Gorilla, Vicki Wind invites us to share her memories of hilarious escapades in the singing telegram business as a gorilla, a chicken, a 7-foot banana, Surly Shirley the Waitress from Hell, and the dreaded Sister Mary Constipation, among countless other characters. What started as a collection of true stories to share with her grandkids has become a laugh-out-loud, inspiring memoir to share with the world. My Mother, the Gorilla reminds us that finding your own voice is essential to a happy life, that possibilities are endless at any age, and that everyone has a story to tell. Available on and

Teresa Funke’s children’s novel, “War on a Sunday Morning,” was recently awarded an Honorable Mention in the Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. A high honor. This book is the last installment in Funke’s Home-Front Heroes collection of World War II stories for middle-grade readers and takes place during the attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s based on a true story.

Writer’s Retreat Opening: Last week, the Writing Gym in England retreat was featured by seventy-one news outlets: from Pittsburgh to Providence, Honolulu to Guam, television to magazine–everyone was talking about one of the most exciting, highly-rated retreats of 2019. Most of the writers we’re inviting to write with us at the Manor House in Devon, England have been chosen, but we’re looking for two more special people. We’re looking for writers who take the craft seriously without taking themselves too seriously, writers who want the support a neuroscience-based program can give them, writers who long for meaningful writing community and discussion. Does that sound like you? You can find out more information and apply here.

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