How to Sell Books Through Bulk Sales With Brian Jud

bulk salesThe process for selling books to non-retail, non-bookstore buyers is totally different from selling to the trade. In special sales, the objective is to make large-quantity, non-returnable sales to professional buyers, perhaps in corporations, associations or schools. There are three general steps in the typical sales process, and they apply to both fiction and nonfiction for adults and children. In these 3 webinars recorded in 2014, Brian Jud describes this process complete with examples, contact information and handouts with even more descriptive information.

Webinar #1: Prospecting: The series begins with a general overview of special-sales marketing and how it differs from selling to the trade. You’ll learn how to canvass target segments to find potential buyers. These could be marketing people, C-level executives, HR managers, sales managers, prospects at associations, directors of departments of education and buyers at government agencies and the armed forces. They could also be buyers at discount stores, warehouse clubs, airport stores and other retailers.

Webinar #2 Creating the proposal and making the presentation: Viewers will learn how to prepare plans and budgets describing how their books will most cost-effectively reach the stated objectives. You’ll learn how to create your proposal and present it to the decision makers.

Webinar #3 Negotiating the sale: Rarely is the initial proposal accepted in totality. This webinar shows how to negotiate profitably, closing the sale without using high-pressure tactics. Then once the order is placed it must be closely tracked to make sure the correct books are shipped at the right time in the right quantity.

Brian Jud is the nationally known author of How to Make Real Money Selling Books, a complete resource for selling books in bulk to non-traditional markets. He is also the Executive Director of APSS, The Association of Publishers for Special Sales.