Business Planning for Authors

Biz planningWebinar was broadcast Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Webinar and PDF slides now available for download.

Business Planning for Authors: Maximize your Personal & Business Worth in 2016

Join business consultant and coach Ingrid Pyka to get your intended book success! This webinar breaks down the business components of your books and services through tips and helping you prioritize your time and finding the ins and outs of your money. What do you need to know about setting up your accounts? How do you tell which opportunities are most profitable? When do you get in the way of your own growth and how do you fine-tune the irreplaceable asset of you?

Part 1 – Prioritizing Your Valuable Resources – Time Management & Your Network
Part 2 – Nuts & Bolts: Finding Your Reasonable Benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators

Ingrid Pyka is CIPA’s program chair and a business coach and consultant. Her first career as a small animal veterinarian was augmented with her high-level management, practice ownership, non-profit and collaborative start-up experience. She finally recognized the value her contributions offered entrepreneurs and business teams across the board and turned to business coaching and consulting full-time.

From Purdue business studies to $100,000 deficit turnarounds to successful multi-award winning book publication, Ingrid now engages with serious business owners and speaks about business strategies to organizations. She emphasizes growth, efficiencies and higher profit potentials.

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