Digital EVVY Gold Sticker


CIPA EVVY 1st place winners may acquire this high-resolution graphic (.TIFF FORMAT) for web and print promotions, one-sheets, print book covers, e-book covers, bookmarks, business cards, stationary, displays, and more.

Gold foil stickers may be purchased through the CIPA bookstore here.



The CIPA EVVY seals and graphics are property of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association and cannot be used in any form or reproduced without permission of CIPA.

Permission is granted to use this download of the 1st place (gold) CIPA EVVY graphic to promotion the award on business cards, stationery, posters, brochures, book covers, and flyers.  

Use of the CIPA EVVY seals or graphics without written permission to manufacture stickers, decals, t-shirts or any other apparel or three-dimensional promotional items to be sold or distributed is an infringement of copyright law and subject to criminal prosecution.