Discover the Power of Your Unique Story – Recorded Video

This is a recorded event that took place February 18, 2017.

Discover the Power of Your Unique Story:
How to Lead, Succeed, and Stand Out in a Copycat World

How much difference would it make to your book or business to truly understand what motivates and inspires your readers and clients? If you knew that, could you serve them better?

Do you ever struggle to connect with new people? Are you sometimes afraid to reveal too much about yourself? Do you feel uncomfortable starting a conversation?

During Amy’s talk, you’ll discover how to connect with your customers, clients, and readers in a way that will help you discover the most important values of the people you most want to serve. After this workshop, you’ll know how to easily start a conversation, connect authentically, and deepen your personal and professional relationships.

Along the way you’ll discover and appreciate your own uniqueness and how it will help you build your business, connect with your tribe, and make a greater impact.

Amy’s talk inspires your curiosity to ask questions that foster real connection. When you share your passions, your purpose, and even your pain, it allows other people to open up, too. Now you have a foundation for a relationship built on trust and respect. From there, you might find a reader for life, a vendor to partner with, or client to collaborate with. FULL MEETING DETAILS CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Runtime: 42 minutes, and 19 seconds (File format is an MP4)