Marketing Vs. Design, a debate – Recorded Video

This is a recorded event that took place March 18, 2017.

Marketing Vs. Design, a debate…


Marketing vs. Design—A Debate: The discussion was both entertaining and informative (including visual aids!). We were thrilled to see the energy in the room and hope you gleaned as much useful information as we did.

Marketing and design are both key elements in the publication of any book. Here are a few of our top takeaways from the event:

  • To be effective, marketing and design need to work together. Design is part of every marketing strategy, and marketing is the way design (and your book) get found.
  • With the large volume of books published every year/month/week, your design should be great out of the gate. Marketing may be able to rescue a poorly-designed book, though most marketers will first suggest you do a redesign.
  • Your readers won’t find you without marketing. You have an audience of people who need your story, and who will be profoundly affected by what you say. They won’t have this experience if they don’t know about your book.
  • Your book’s message and your audience are the keys to both your marketing strategy and your book’s design. The time for you to think about your audience is while are you writing the book.
  • At the end of the day, the person responsible for creating the brand, guiding the design, and authoring the marketing strategy is the content creator: the author/publisher of the book. You are essential to your book’s success!


Video Runtime: 44:34 minutes (File format = .mov   You will need Quicktime which is available for free on a PC as well as a Mac)