Just Finish the !@#$%^ Book!

April 20, 2019 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm America/Denver Timezone
Church of Scientology
2340 Blake St
Denver, CO 80205

For our April 20 meeting, you’ll enjoy hearing from Dan Montgomery. He will share his journey translating his business insights into a book that has taken his business, Agile Strategies, to a new level.

Please join us for this lively session on Saturday, April 20th!

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Just Finish the !@#$%^ Book!

Dan comes from a long line of writers, beginning with his great-grandmother who journaled her impressions on the train coming out to Evans (the end of the line at the time) from Wisconsin after the Civil War. She also wrote touching stories about what it was like living in a new territory shared by both Yankees and Southerners after the bitterness of the war. In turn, his grandmother wrote tales of a homesteading childhood on the prairies east of Longmont. Dan’s father fulfilled his dream to write and self-publish semi-autobiographical stories in his retirement years. Dan decided to get started a little earlier in life, and published Start Less, Finish More: Building Strategic Agility with Objectives and Key Results last fall.

Publication of the book in September kicked Dan’s business, Agile Strategies, up to a new level, both in terms of recognition and income.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use OKRs to stay focused on the most important goals in your life–like writing that book
  • Lessons about discovering and maintaining commitment
  • The practice of holding your vision while letting the details emerge in their own time
  • Why you must choose what to say NO to
  • The importance of thinking about design from the beginning
  • Do’s and don’ts about hiring and working with editors
  • A few things Dan wishes he’d done differently

About Dan –

Dan is a business consultant and executive coach, and Start Less, Finish More is a distillation of his mindset and approach to helping diverse organizations get focused on concrete goals while executing in an agile way. Objectives and Key Results, or OKRs, are a recent Silicon Valley-ish twist on goal setting and execution taking the rest of the economy by storm. It’s the way of working that took Google from 20 people above a pizza parlor in Palo Alto to 70,000 worldwide today.

Dan “ate his own dog food,” using OKRs to prioritize and manage 15 months of writing and design­–all while keeping his business running. The support of his wife Beth and other friends was essential, with all of them constantly repeating the mantra:

Just Finish the !@#$%^ Book!

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