February 2016 President’s Letter: It’s CIPA EVVY time again!

cipa-evvy-awards-2016-badgeThe 2016 CIPA EVVY Book awards are open for submissions! This is the CIPA EVVY’s 22nd year, making the CIPA EVVYs one of the longest-running book awards on the indie publishing scene. We had over 240 entries last year, including entries from Belgium, South Africa and Canada. This year, who knows?

Our judges will consider books submitted in 41 book categories and 8 technical categories.  Entries are judged according to established criteria, and only entries that meet minimum requirements become finalists. Judges are selected through CIPA’s judging qualification process and will include members as well as teachers, business leaders, other authors, critics, editors, and other publishing professionals.

Why should you enter your book in the EVVYs? Publicity and sales!

Savvy authors have been able to parlay their book’s awards into increased sales and distribution deals, and the CIPA EVVYs continue to provide an excellent way for independent authors and publishers to gain recognition for their hard work. Getting an award for your book is an extra “proof” that your book is worth picking up. Awards, combined with an ongoing marketing plan leads to increased visibility and sales for your work.

To enter your book, visit the CIPA EVVY Awards page. Still have a question about categories, costs, or how to use the entry form after reviewing the Rules & Guidelines? Send me an email at president@cipabooks.com or ask me at Saturday’s meeting. Hope to see you there!

All the best!

mary-walewskinewMary Walewski
CIPA President 2015-2016

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