February 2017 CIPA President’s Letter

Just in this past year, I have met many amazing authors and seen beautifully done books. As we get ready to launch the 2017 CIPA EVVY Awards Series, I am anticipating many of them will be contenders for placing, if not winning.  Now pulling from international submissions, our Best of the Best will highlight the stories, the images, the facts, the inspirations that all came to fruition through the power of independent publishing.

Congratulations to all of you who of completed your visions and have a book to show for it – a real book. Regardless if it is print or e-version, we appreciate the sweat, the toils, the tears, the creativity you dedicated to make it happen. For those that are in the beginning stages of publishing or that even have just been touched by early sparks of writing books, may these awards showcase the glory and unlimited potential that some of you will reach as well.

I encourage you all to submit your work. CIPA EVVY’s are not only an incredible way to showcase, but also offer your work another platform of recognition. The CIPA EVVY Book Awards will open up for submissions LIVE at this Saturday’s meeting, at 9am! You should be there! Meeting details here.

A HUGE thank you to the many contributors and participants that will make this event great. Especially to the volunteers donating hundreds of hours of time over the next seven months, we thank you deeply for your commitment in supporting the independent publishing world.


In anticipation,

161019pyka037-editre_color_printIngrid Pyka

CIPA President


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