February 2019 CIPA President’s Letter


By: Bob Schram

For the Love of Books!

            “He loved books, those undemanding but faithful friends.”

­            –Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

We are book people and one common denominator we all share is our love of books. Having served as a publishing resource since 1984, I still love going to work in the morning, collaborating with authors, publishers and service providers, and helping bring our collective ideas to fruition visually. What a fitting time of year to express what we are passionate about.

February Program: Distribution Strategies for the Independent Publisher

Please join us in welcoming Melissa Serdinsky, former Vice President of ICG Services, Ingram Content Group, for a comprehensive discussion focused on what options exist for book distribution for small, indie publishers and how one goes about setting up accounts with the various distributors and wholesalers available to them, how to maximize their effectiveness and what the publisher is responsible for to ensure a successful relationship. Come with questions, opinions or share your personal experience and let’s demystify distribution together. Melissa will also host a roundtable after her presentation to delve more deeply into the subject.

2019 CIPA EVVY Awards Launch

The 2019 CIPA EVVY Awards will launch at Saturday’s meeting. Join us as we count down to our 26th annual awards contest being officially underway. We look forward to seeing all the exciting new titles that will be entered in this years’ competition. Our EVVY Awards Chair, Doris Baker and EVVY Awards Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Ross will both be present to commemorate the event and answer any questions you may have about entering your books.

CIPA ELF Donates Books to Pine Ridge Reservation

CIPA ELF Book Benefit Program Chair, Dan Pratt, assembled $10,000 in books to donate to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. With the help of Mike Daniels, CIPA ELF Executive Director, books were delivered to the drop off point in Denver and a new connection was made between CIPA ELF and Pine Ridge. Future donations to Pine Ridge are in the offing.

 CIPA Treasurer Board Position

Do you have a background and/or interest in bookkeeping and accounting? If you are interested in supporting CIPA in this capacity, please contact me or any other Board member.

Welcome to Our New CIPA Administrator

Cheryl Callighan will be gracing us with her presence at our monthly meetings as CIPA’s new Administrator. Having been in this position seven years ago, Cheryl was an obvious choice. On behalf of CIPA please join me in welcoming Cheryl as she transitions into her current role. Don’t forget to introduce yourself as you check in for Saturday’s meeting.

Please continue to let us know what you are interested in and what ideas or suggestions you may have as we endeavor to grow CIPA and continue to be of service to our authors, publishers, and service providers. Feel free to email me at president@cipabooks.com or speak to me directly, or to any of our Board members at one of our monthly meetings.

Looking forward to seeing you at our meeting this Saturday.

Bob Schram
Bookends Design

About Bob Schram

Bob has served as a Publishing Resource since 1984. He has worked as the production manager of Pruett Publishing, art director of InJoy Birth & Parenting Education, and board member & vice president of the Rocky Mountain Publishing Professionals Guild. Currently the founder and owner of Bookends Design, Bob works extensively with publishers, small businesses, schools, authors, and individuals requiring book design & production, art direction, project management, print coordination, or publishing consulting. He especially enjoys helping new authors navigate the self-publishing process.

The views expressed herein are not those of Colorado Independent Publishers Association, its officers or directors.  They are solely and completely those of the author. The Colorado Independent Publishers Association will not be held liable for any legal action resulting from information published in this newsletter, and the organization’s insurance will not cover any such action.

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