February 2020 Member News

Route 36: Ohio to Colorado

Allan Ferguson, author of Route 36: Ohio to Colorado—America’s Heartland Highway, has teamed with CIPA web designer Veronica Yager to launch a site touting the towns and attractions along the historic highway. Ferguson was on a 3-week book tour up and down the highway in October, speaking at service clubs, libraries, museums, and historical societies. He will be out on the highway again in May on a 4-week tour prior to the tourist season. Ferguson’s website is www.us36guidebook.com and his book can be purchased at www.amazon.com. For more information and/or to book a speaking engagement, contact Allan Ferguson at 303-722-3441.

Homespun Mercies Cover Release

DJ Hill Announces the release, the cover art of Homespun Mercies—2019 CIPA EVVY Winner in Poetry—was recently awarded the Spirit of the Suffragists Award at the Loveland Museum in Loveland, Colorado as part of their Women & the Vote: A Centennial Celebration exhibit. The piece, created by artist and author DJ Hill, will remain on display at the museum through April 8.

DJ recently traveled to NYC to read at The Strand, New York City’s oldest bookstore. Look for videos of the event coming soon to DJ Hill-writer.com.

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