Ghostwriting a Successful Self-Help Book and Successfully Marketing It

Ghostwriting a Successful Self-Book and Successfully Marketing It

A Blog by Mark Graham, Graham Publishing Group

Writing a self-help book or collaborating with a ghostwriting partner on a how-to book is a great way to scratch all kinds of creative itches. Perhaps you’re really good at a particular craft, sport, profession, or art and would like to share your knowledge. Maybe you’re an outstanding cook with recipes you’ve collected over the years, or you would like to share business and leadership skills you’ve perfected.  Even if a topic is not readily apparent to you, there are tips and techniques for writing a self-help book that can help you get started. There are also important steps that need to be taken in marketing the book you’ve just created.

Let’s start with the basics:

Self-Help and How-To represent is the most popular genre in the book industry. Before you share your idea with an established ghost writer, it’s a good idea to understand the market to avoid pitfalls later on. Don’t follow the pack. Think outside the box. Look into the future.

If you’re trying to flesh out an idea for a self-help book, think first about the audience you’re trying to attract, or, in other words, the people you intend to market to.

  • Is your subject matter interesting? (this may require some outside opinions, so don’t be afraid to ask)
  • Will the topic be able to hold their attention over the course of many pages?
  • How popular might your topic be and how big an audience can it realistically attract?

Work with your ghostwriter as you would a business partner.  Take the necessary steps to create a book with direction and flow and actionable steps that your reader can actually use in a positive way. This is part of the writing, but it is also part of the marketing.  Unique is great, but unique and doable is even better.

Even if you collaborate with a highly published ghost writer, creating a self-help book presumes that you are an expert on the subject matter. Share your credentials. Let the reader know why you are the best person to write on your particular subject. If need be, add authority to what you state with third party evidence to prove that what you’re recommending will actually work.

Finally, promote, promote, promote. No one will read your self-help book or how-to if they don’t know about it. Regardless of how you get it published, you’ll need to promote it to build visibility and interest.

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