January 2017 CIPA President’s Letter

New Year, you say? I hear you…You’re thinking that THIS year things will be different… And, you’re right…things WILL be different!

Yet, it’s more than a New Year. Anything can be as different as yesterday was to today, as different as tomorrow will be from next week…or month.

The reality is that each moment, each of us has the opportunity to change. Each moment, each of us has choices we can make. Each moment…yes, each moment.

I greet you this January 2017 with excitement. This month is a slice in the constantly evolving growth we are experiencing with the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association. This month we get to unite our great talents within our membership for an even bigger and better second half of the 2016-2017 CIPA season.

This month:

  • We get to fine-tune the CIPA EVVY Awards Launch – You’ll be seeing a lot of activity these next few weeks as we get this show on the road! Those of you that are already busy with preparations – kudos and thank you. Those of you that are waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump in – this is that perfect opportunity!

Remember, involvement is the key to relationships. Strong relationships are a near-guarantee to success. Make a difference in your New Year! Contact me at president@cipabooks.com and/or let us see you at the CIPA Meeting, Saturday January 21 to get on board the longest-running publishing event in Colorado.

  • We have January’s Educational Meeting – Wow! Being a writer and a perfectionist, I always felt pretty good with my content…until, I met an editor. Well, I learned that, sure, I’m pretty good – but not good enough. In today’s competitive market, we need to be better, if not the best, to have any chance in standing out. And that’s what your editor does.

What an opportunity we have with Saturday’s panel of editors and learning more about shaping words. This time, be different. Give yourself that chance to be better.

This year IS different. My wish to you is that you don’t just rely on “finding” the moments to your success. I truly hope that each of you make these moments. The beauty of a New Year is a reminder that very moment – and what you do with it – gives you the power of your choice.

Happy New Year Moment!

Make it AMAZING.

161019pyka037-editre_color_printIngrid Pyka

CIPA President


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