January 2019 CIPA President’s Letter


By: Bob Schram

Dream Big as We Embark Upon the 2019 Publishing Season!

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

­–Eleanor Roosevelt

The days are slowly getting longer. Can you sense it? My barometer is being able to put the goats and chickens in for the night later. I feel re-invigorated at this time of year and anxious for the new opportunities that await. What are your goals as we enter the 2019 publishing season? As a Board we are planning some exciting and informative upcoming monthly programs, as well as preparing to celebrating the 25th “Silver Anniversary” of the CIPA EVVY Awards.

January Program

Join us us in welcoming actor, public speaker, educator, and author Liz Duckworth. Her hands on, interactive presentation, Speaking Without Freaking, is designed to help you be more ready and able to present your book—to any audience. This participatory workshop focuses on both internal (mental and emotional) and external (physical) aspects of successful public speaking. While improving your talks and presentations you will also discover how stage fright can be your friend.

2019 CIPA EVVY’s Silver Anniversary

The 2019 CIPA EVVY Awards commemorate 25 years of publishing excellence. We are still looking to form our core group of volunteers. With the contest opening in February, we are seeking members to fill subcommittee chair roles as well as others to assist with smaller tasks. Let us know if you can assist in any capacity.

CIPA ELF to Attend International Reading Association Conference

CIPA ELF Board member and Young Authors League Chair, Andrea Antico, will be attending the IRA (International Reading Association Conference) at the Denver Tech Marriott from February 6–February 9. What a unique opportunity for CIPA ELF gain exposure and become known.

CIPA Treasurer Board Position

Do you have a background and/or interest in bookkeeping and accounting? If you are interested in supporting CIPA in this capacity, please contact me or any other Board member.

Farewell to Our Beloved CIPA Executive Administrator

Veronica Yager will be leaving her post as CIPA Administrator to devote more time to her burgeoning business and to spend more quality time with her young family. For the past seven years Veronica has graced us with her welcoming presence at her desk at monthly meetings as well as the tremendous support she has unwaveringly offered with the many hats she has worn behind the scenes. On behalf of CIPA please join me in extending our heartfelt gratitude for her years of service. Not to worry, you will still be seeing her as an Associate Service Provider and CIPA member at our monthly meetings.

“CIPA friends and members! I have enjoyed being a part of CIPA these past seven years. I’ve learned from many of you, helped advise some of you, and assisted you in all things CIPA related. I have enjoyed every minute of it! As Bob mentioned, I’ll definitely still be seeing you all at each and every meeting, only now as a regular Service Provider. I look forward to continuing to network with you all, and being available to have more time to answer your publishing & design related questions at each meeting. I hope you’ll keep in touch with me, and connect via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/veronicayager.” – Veronica Yager

Please continue to let us know what you are interested in and what ideas or suggestions you may have as we endeavor to grow CIPA and continue to be of service to our authors, publishers, and service providers. Feel free to email me or speak to me directly, or to any of our Board members at one of our monthly meetings.

Looking forward to seeing you at our meeting this Saturday.

Wishing you a successful 2019 publishing season!

Bob Schram
Bookends Design

About Bob Schram

Bob has served as a Publishing Resource since 1984. He has worked as the production manager of Pruett Publishing, art director of InJoy Birth & Parenting Education, and board member & vice president of the Rocky Mountain Publishing Professionals Guild. Currently the founder and owner of Bookends Design, Bob works extensively with publishers, small businesses, schools, authors, and individuals requiring book design & production, art direction, project management, print coordination, or publishing consulting. He especially enjoys helping new authors navigate the self-publishing process.

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