June 2016 President’s Letter: Mary’s Final President Letter

Where did the year go? This is my final month as president of CIPA. I had two goals that I’m happy to say have been met:  Get a new website for the organization and create a written manual for the CIPA EVVY awards. The last item is a work in progress as it is still in the middle of the of the judging process for this year’s EVVYs.

I’m glad I served as board president, but I’m glad it’s over. Focusing on just my business will seem like a vacation! I know my successor, Ingrid Pyka, will do a fantastic job.

What did I learn during my tenure?

1. Don’t try to do everything yourself. I relied on a lot on a great board of directors and our intrepid executive director. It was critical to delegate tasks, both for my sanity and to allow others to add their expertise to the mix. Hard to believe, but my way wasn’t the only way!

2. Focus on a very few important things and let the rest go. My purpose was to put my particular stamp on the organization, and then pass it along to the next president so they in turn can make their mark.

3. Deal with the confrontations as they arise. Like everybody else, I hate confrontations. Being the one in charge forced me to face them head on — even though it was the last thing I wanted to do.

4. Everybody has their own style of managing and that’s okay.

5. It is virtually impossible to have a board meeting in under two hours. We’re still trying to get that down to 90 min. The ball’s in your court, Ingrid!

Mmary-walewskinewary Walewski
CIPA President
EVVY Coordinator


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