June 2018 CIPA President’s Letter


By: Alexandra O’Connell

Summer has swept in! Can you tell by the thunderstorms?
What are your plans for the summer? CIPA has a few…

…our new Board is meeting in a few weeks to put together our plans for the coming year. Got any ideas you want to share with us? Email president@cipabooks.com.

…we’re already talking about bringing you custom digital badges you can use to showcase your support for CIPA on your website—stay tuned!

…the CIPA EVVYs Awards Banquet is on Saturday evening, August 25th at the Field House. Mark your calendars and join us at this beautiful venue to celebrate the 2018 CIPA EVVY award winners. Tickets do sell out quickly, so be ready for the sale announcement.

…it’s only summer but already we are talking to our friends at the Mountains & Plains Fall Discovery Show. CIPA and CIPA ELF look forward to bringing you more opportunities to exhibit and connect with booksellers on this multi-day event.

…we’re also putting together our fall programs, especially our kickoff meeting in September. The Board has already generated some great ideas I think you will love!

Plus quite a few of our members kicked off the season in historic Georgetown at the Georgetown Indie Con—three days of panels, breakout sessions, and networking. A great start!

I’m excited to announce our new membership program has launched! Click here for more information on how to sign up, renew, or upgrade your membership. We are very excited to offer our members a single, all-inclusive annual fee, with new and improved discounts. It’s been an intensive process to bring you this program and I hope you will all take advantage…including those great new programs we’re lining up for you.

Speaking of the CIPA EVVYs, the books are in and our CIPA EVVY team is finalizing scores. Look forward to our finalist announcement coming July 31st and see if your book has made the list! Can’t wait until August 25th to celebrate?

Take a picture of your book in a place that was instrumental in your publishing journey or inspired you to write it, and share it on social media with the hashtag #cipaevvybookawards. Be sure to tag us as well! We love to see what unique sources of inspiration abound in our community.

As I look back at everything we’ve achieved this year and all the energy that is bubbling up for next, I feel grateful and honored to have been part of the accomplishments by serving as your President. Thank you for your trust in me and all of your support throughout the year. As is always the case, though I’ve been the outside face of CIPA this year I have not served alone—far from it. I want to thank all of our dedicated volunteers for the CIPA EVVYs, those of you who have distributed flyers and guest cards, everyone who has helped CIPA ELF move boatloads of books, and most of all my incredible Board this year:

And not least: Veronica Yager (YellowStudios Book & Web Design) — CIPA Executive Administrator, for being the one who truly keeps the trains running in this organization: for your good humor and everything you do at meetings, between meetings, on the website, keeping me up to date, and all the ways you’ve made me/us look good—tremendous thanks!

Wishing all of you a fantastic summer. Stay cool—but keep those writing and publishing ideas hot. We’ll see you at the CIPA EVVYs Awards Banquet in August and at our kickoff meeting in September!

Alexandra O’Connell
CIPA President 2017-2018

About Alexandra O’Connell

Alexandra O’Connell is Your Resident Wordsmith, a book editor and writing coach. She helps self-published authors create books that are engaging and editorially beautiful. Find her at www.alexoconnell.com.

The views expressed herein are not those of Colorado Independent Publishers Association, its officers or directors.  They are solely and completely those of the author. The Colorado Independent Publishers Association will not be held liable for any legal action resulting from information published in this newsletter, and the organization’s insurance will not cover any such action.

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