May 2018 CIPA President’s Letter


By: Alexandra O’Connell

Who can believe we are days away from the official start of summer? I know that for my part, 2018 has been traveling at warp speed. I’ve barely put away my winter sweaters!

May marks the start of the summer and also the end of the 2017-2018 CIPA year. This means we’ll be sharing our Annual Report this Saturday, as well as voting in your new Board members for 2018-2019. We have great candidates and I hope that as many of you as possible can attend to cast your vote. Our future rests with you!

We are also having a trade show featuring CIPA service providers this month. Stop by their booths during any of the networking breaks or the roundtable breakouts to connect and get answers to your specific questions.

Our keynote presentation is all about websites, and how to use them to Electrify Your Publishing Potential. Our featured speaker is Paige Wiese, Owner and Creative Director of Tree Ring Digital, a leading Denver-based digital marketing agency. Paige will talk about how best to design a website for your needs, what to include, associated costs, digital marketing tricks of the trade, and more. It promises to be another information-packed meeting. If you haven’t done so already, you can register for this Saturday’s meeting here.

Membership Update
Our updated and improved membership program launches on June 4th. A single, all-inclusive annual fee takes care of everything—and if you join us for four of our meetings throughout the year the investment has already paid for itself. All the other goodies you get as part of the package? Well, those are just gravy. Take a look at our FAQ now and get ready to reap the rewards! If you’re feeling generous, you can share the news with a friend. Got ideas for what else we can do? Tell us: or

You don’t need to make any changes until your membership comes up for renewal, although everyone will be able to upgrade to the new membership anytime after June 4th. If you are mid-year, you pay a pro-rated amount based on your renewal date.

Whew! It’s been another great year for the CIPA EVVYs, with book awards pouring in in advance of the deadline to take advantage of our early bird pricing. Our final deadline is this coming Saturday, May 19th. All books must be received at VCA Highlands Ranch Animal Specialty & Emergency Center by 3:00 PM on Saturday, May 19, 2018.  Postmark  will not be accepted. NO Exceptions. This means your books should already be in the mail before you join us on Saturday.

Looking Forward
I’m excited with all that we’ve been able to accomplish this year. We’ve created a new and supportive membership structure for CIPA—one we can continue to enhance for everyone’s benefit in the years to come. We’ve brought a year’s worth of great programming to a packed room month after month. Our swank new brochure continues our outreach to the community of authors and independent publishers (Haven’t seen it? Visit Veronica at the table during the meeting to ooh and ahhh). And our CIPA EVVYs are getting bigger and bigger every year.

I’m even more excited about the future of CIPA. The conversations I’ve had with enthusiastic members, volunteers, Board members and potential Board members inspires me and fills me with gratitude for all the support, talent, and expertise in our organization. Our future looks very bright.

Alexandra O’Connell

About Alexandra O’Connell

Alexandra O’Connell is Your Resident Wordsmith, a book editor and writing coach. She helps self-published authors create books that are engaging and editorially beautiful. Find her at

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