October 2016 President’s Letter

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. –Albert Einstein.

As I stood in the final sorting room after the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association (MPIBA) Fall Discovery Show, I was in complete awe. Along the entire room, organized stacks of boxes lined the tables and pallets. They were all packed full of picture books, science fiction, test prep guides, biographies, cookbooks, history and historical novels, and a sundry of other titles. It was like a buffet of reading, ready to be devoured by children and adults alike.

The image lingered with me over the weekend and I wondered why this scene had moved me so. Finally I realized it was the collaboration it took to bring this all together that hit me.

Much of the work was long before the show, followed by the sorting and packing of these hundreds of brand-new books, all of which were donated. It was the gifting, the teaching, and the learning that now brought this book-filled room to life. Soon, these books will make their ways to the yet unknown people that will have something change in their lives as a result. This boxed library represented a deeply rooted community supporting each other and giving to those willing to receive.

I am always touched when a network of diverse people living in many different spheres collaborate. The result is such a wealth of opportunity for anyone open to learn.

To me, CIPA is a culmination of all this. What a community we have become!

We have experts within our group, such as Corrinda Campbell and Mary Walewski offering us the “how-to’s” of a marketing plan (Saturday – October 15, 2016); Mike Daniels creating the CIPA-MPIBA connection that showcased over 50 CIPA member’s books in front of big booksellers; Joe and Jan McDaniels  spending hundreds of hours fine-tuning the collection and sorting of CIPA-EVVY entries. Just check our services directory and you’ll find so many more special contributors.

Add to our assets our amazing partners we have found in Colorado and beyond: Marnie O’Connor bringing us into Mountains & Plains; Gary Barnes an international speaker and coach letting us unleash the power of our own books (Saturday – November 19, 2016). And many, many additional relationships we still have coming (stay tuned!!).

And, recognizing our fabulous members of authors and of associate service providers – those that have been with us for decades and the quickly growing number of new welcomes. Each of you brings the rest of us value with your experiences, insights, and opinions. Here’s to the roundtables, the conversations and the Denver BookBar Masterminds! (Another kudos to be given to Karen Douglass for coordinating these!)

We all have strengths. It’s the knowledge of how to apply them that moves us forward.


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    Great article! I am proud to be a member of this talented and helpful organization. Thanks for sharing your impressions and for your enthusiastic involvement in all CIPA events!

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