September 2016 President’s Letter: How Can You Get Involved with CIPA?

For over two decades now, the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association has been serving our community, helping creative people make ideas into literary realities. From bringing solutions to independent publishers of a frontier relatively untraveled to an explosion of opportunity with the newest of digital options and more.

When I first heard about CIPA, I timidly attended, unsure how I could fit in. But quickly, I was welcomed into this literary and creative sphere.  I’m constantly  learning from authors award-winning, from partners that help me turn more of my dreams into reality and from the vast sharing of knowledge each month. I am hooked and am so honored to be serving the membership.

We now enter a new CIPA season – one that I have dubbed, the “Year of Celebration!” I am so excited about what our group offers, and I am delighted to see so much more in store for our association. I can hardly wait to get to know more of you and your strengths.

Over and over, I hear (and experience it myself) how authors, indie publishers, coaches, editors, graphic designers, and so many more, find opportunities simply with the connections made as an active CIPA member. The rewards grow exponentially the more active they are in our events and projects.

As we continue to grow our community, more doors are opening too – and that means more opportunities in many aspects. CIPA is an association made possible only by volunteers. Our success is a direct result of the many contributions of our members and partners.

For those of you that are helping CIPA in our countless ways, I thank you! You make such an impact on our association – and to me! Whether this is your first meeting or you are a founding member, there are still many ways to get on the band wagon as our organization continues to flourish.

How can you get involved?

Do you have more ideas? We want to know!!!

If you are interested in helping with any of the above or have other ideas, please contact any of the board members, or email me at or call me.

Here’s to celebrating CIPA!!!

IngridIngrid Pyka
CIPA President

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