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Watch April's online meeting to discover how to have a successful Amazon bestseller campaign and maximize your bestseller award!

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In bulk sales, the objective is to make large-quantity, non-returnable sales to professional buyers, perhaps in corporations, associations or schools. In these 3 webinars recorded in 2014, Brian Jud describes how to sell books in bulk, complete with examples, contact information and handouts with even more descriptive information.

Marketing with VIDEOS for Authors: Convert More VIEWERS Into BUYERS With Online Videos Marketing is rapidly changing to adapt to the fast pace of our lives. And successful marketers know that VIDEO is the best way to communicate quickly with your audience.

Join business consultant and coach Ingrid Pyka to get your intended book success! This webinar breaks down the business components of your books and services through tips and helping you prioritize your time and finding the ins and outs of your money.

This class covers the essential do's and don'ts of how to successfully publish a book. This class will focus on what's required to manufacture your title along with the associated costs based on the specifications you select to fit the subject matter and audience.

It's every author's dream: selling your book by the hundreds or even thousands. But that could take a very long time if your sales are one book at a time. Find out how author Michelle Rodenburg sold 5,000 books to American Furniture Warehouse as a premium for customers.

Your website is the center of your online marketing. But is your website working hard for you - or hardly working? This webinar covers some of the basic things you should know about your website.

Industry professionals say they can spot a self-published book a mile away. In this webinar, we’re going to point out the top twenty red flags that scream THIS BOOK IS SELF-PUBLISHED so you can avoid them.


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This recorded meeting presentation took place on Saturday, March 21, 2020 via the Zoom Meeting Platform in accordance with the CDC and local government officials COVI-19 guidelines.  How Best to Work with a Literary Agent without Being Shaken or Stirred presented by Bond, Sandra Bond, of the Bond Literary Agency Some of the important questions…

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Watch March 2017's meeting to discover that to be effective, marketing and design need to work together. Design is part of every marketing strategy, and marketing is the way design (and your book) get found.

Watch February 2017's meeting to discover how to easily start a conversation, connect authentically, and deepen your personal and professional relationships AND MORE!

Watch January 2017's meeting to discover how to find the perfect editor for your manuscript...where to find an editor and how to hire one...how the industry is changing in a digital age...different types of editing and editors AND MORE!

Watch February's meeting to discover what librarians look for in purchasing books. What criteria do acquisition librarians use to decide what to buy? What do you need to do to build demand for your book in the library market?


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Mary Walewski of Buy The Book Marekting is a book marketing consultant and social media guide. She offers this free download titled "The 5 Marketing Habits of Successful Authors" to assist authors in finding ways to better market their books. The book also includes 20 marketing tips for authors.

In this free download, Patrice Rhoades-Baum shares her views about how to ensure that your book or author one-sheet is a hardworking marketing and sales tool. The article is provided with permission from the author. Patrice is a branding consultant for speakers, consultants and solopreneurs. Learn more about Patrice at her website, www.BrandingAndWebsites.com.

CrowdFunding: Don’t Spend Your Money Publishing Your Book! Learn How to Raise the Funds to Publish & Market Your Books through the Power of the Crowd!

Neal Browne, an expert media coach, describes ways that you can "ignite soundbites that smoke your competition and get your message heard" in this free download. For more information about Neal, visit his website at http://www.expertmediacoach.com/.

In this free download, award-winning editor Karen Reddick shares 7 tips you can use right now to help make you a better writer.

In this free download, Julia Hubbel shares the Powerpoint slides she used for her presentation at the November 19th, 2011 CIPA monthly meeting. Perfecting your pitch involves developing your value proposition, what solutions you offer and how your book can solve your audience's problem.